Pastor Rick & Debbie & Family

Pastor Rick Fasullo was born in Revere Beach (near Boston), Massachusetts, he moved to Southern California in 1965.  After God called Rick to be a pastor he started his education at Hope Chapel, Hermosa Beach at the "Pastor Factory" in 1988.  He then worked as a Staff Pastor at Hope Chapel for 2 years.  He continued his education at the Pastor's School of Nurturing with Pastor Jack Hayford.  Pastor Rick is now an ordained minister.  He has been to Malaysia, Nicagura, India, Mexico and Jerusalem and back, teaching and sharing God's Word and God's love with others during these Mission Trips.  His spiritual gifts are Teaching, Pastoring, Word of Knowledge and Prophecy.  Pastor Rick and his wife Debbie were married in 1985, they have 4 children Francesca, Vincent, Cecily and Daniella.  Pastor Rick, Debbie and family came to New Hope Fellowship in 1994.  Debbie has blessed the church through her talents and wisdom in sharing and counseling women and overseeing the leaders of Women's Ministry and Children's Church.  Their children love the Lord and serve Him through various ministries in the church as well as their community through the Police, Fire, EMT and Nursing fields. 

Pastor Rick's passion is to proclaim God's love and grace for us through God's Word and to share that "God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us."  Romans 5:8 NASB

Church History

In 1927 after two years of effort to open a Foursquare Church in Gardena, the Gardena Foursquare Church opened its doors on April 4, 1927.  After several years of renting buildings to use for church services the congregation acquired the land on the corner of 164th and Normandie Ave.  On October 20, 1935 they held the groundbreaking service (see picture on left hand side).  The Pastor and the congregation all helped build this church and the basement was dug  out using a mule team.  The church building was finished in 1936  in time for Thanksgiving. The church became well known in Gardena and was also known for the revolving cross some people even called it "The Church Of The Revolving Cross"  The first chief of Police of Gardena attended our church and you could find our  church on the city emblem on the police cars and police uniforms.  In 2000 we started using the slogan name "New Hope Fellowship".  We have had several pastors since 1927 but our current Pastor has been here the longest.  Pastor Rick & Debbie Fasullo and family have been here since 1994, he officially became our Pastor in January of 1995,  We have been truly blessed by the heritage of this church and as the mother of one of the founding members stated "We will never know until we stand before Jesus what we have done.  We can all make our lives sublime and leave behind us footprints on the sands of time"